The Innovation of the eCourt System

Do you value clarity of presentation?
The eCourt App utilises mirroring technology to facilitate paperless court presentation.

The agreed set of papers for use in a case is uploaded in pdf form to each user's device. The innovative use of mirroring technology, which entails the transmission of the page reference only between devices via WiFi or dedicated eCourt server, ensures that all parties are viewing the same page at the same time, if they so wish.

Do you value easy access to documentation?
Search and annotation features allow the user to make private notes, freehand or text, search files by word, phrase or page number, highlight text, bookmark and hyperlink within or across pdf documents.

The keynote facility enables the user to make annotations and presentation points to signpost a court presentation.

Document mirroring also enables pretrial remote collaboration.
Do you value security and confidentiality?
Files are stored on a users device, never on the Cloud.

Annotations on a file are private to each user and cannot be seen by other parties.

Our eCourtpads (provided as part of our fully managed service)  can be encrypted.

eCourtpads, if lost, can be wiped of their content remotely.

How it Works

  • × Paper Documents are scanned to PDF
  • × Case name is registered on the eCourt Server
  • × Files are copied onto each user's eCourtpad
  • × Case files are never on the Internet/Cloud. Only the file name and page reference number are transmitted between the eCourtpads
  • × eCourtpads are encrypted and password protected

eCourt as a Fully Managed Service

We provide a fully managed service, which includes scanning of documents where required, training in the use of our the eCourt System and provision of our eCourtpads for hearings.


To contact us for more information please email:

Telephone: +353 (0) 87 959 8301

Kieran Morris BL
Dáithí Mac Cárthaigh BL


AAEAAQAAAAAAAANtAAAAJDFmZDY3ZjA0LWU4YmItNDk1Mi04MDZiLTg2YTc5YmM4ZjBiZgIn the course of the last thirty years, Kieran Morris has been involved in running several companies. In 2002 he was a co-­founder of Netwatch, the Irish cctv monitoring company, which now operates in several countries worldwide. In 2008 he commenced studying law at Kings Inns, Dublin and was called to the Bar in 2012. In January 2013, he co- founded eCúirt Teoranta (eCourt) with barrister Dáithí Mac Cárthaigh.


2529f8eDáithí Mac Cárthaigh graduated from NUIG and was called to the Bar in 1998. He has a mixed practice specialising in both civil and criminal law. He conducts a considerable portion of his practice through Irish. He has published articles on areas as diverse as statutory interpretation, white collar crime and planning. He coordinates the Irish medium Advanced Diplomas at King's Inns, which include the EU lawyer ­linguistics program, EU legal translation and legal practice through Irish.


John has a background in Auctioneering, Finance and Marketing. He currently manages an extensive property and investment portfolio. He will assist with the marketing and development of the eCourt system.

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